Optimized Insurance Products for Illinois Breweries & Distilleries

Owning and operating a brewery or distillery is both a rewarding and exciting experience. The liquor industry is not without its challenges, however, as Illinois state and federal laws place strict regulations on establishments that serve beer or spirits. In addition to meeting state and federal licensing requirements, brewery and distillery owners must carry a range of insurance policies to protect themselves, employees and customers against unforeseen events.

Hicks Insurance offers guidance to brewery and distillery owners throughout the state of Illinois. Our long-standing relationships with multiple providers, combined with extensive knowledge of the liquor industry’s unique exposures, allow us to help you create an optimal protection plan that fits your budget.

Build a Comprehensive Insurance Package for Your Establishment

When opening a brewery or distillery, many new owners are surprised at the number of insurance products required to adequately protect the establishment against the risks of operations. Fortunately, with a bit of guidance, you can create a comprehensive protection package that limits your financial and legal liabilities without breaking your budget.

Our independent insurance agents work closely with you to create the optimal protection against:

  • Liquor liability: Establishments that serve alcohol are held to a high standard of protecting customers. When that standard is not met, and a customer is overserved or served underage, the establishment may be held liable for the financial costs of a resulting loss, including medical care, punitive damages and more. Liquor liability coverage, also known as dram shop insurance, limits your financial exposure in the event of an accident, staff misconduct or negligence.
  • Property damage: Fire, severe weather and criminal activity can all lead to costly damage to your establishment, inventory, and equipment. Our agents help you compare coverage options to protect your physical property, including the building, inventory, and equipment.
  • Specialized equipment breakdown: Brewing beer or distilling spirits requires specialized equipment, including boilers, bottling machines and more. A breakdown of any single piece of equipment can halt operations and cost thousands of dollars. Carrying specialized equipment coverage helps limit the out-of-pocket costs of repairing or replacing the equipment, as well as the lost income resulting from the shutdown.
  • Inventory loss: For the best results, the brewing and distillery processes must take place in a controlled, carefully monitored environment. When an issue occurs during or after the process, such as a power outage or flood, the entire batch of beer or spirits may be lost, leading to thousands of dollars of lost revenue and wasted ingredient costs. Inventory protection products provide peace of mind during times of catastrophic inventory loss.
  • Uncovered expenses: A significant loss that exceeds coverage limits or is uncovered by other policies may negatively impact your business. Including an umbrella policy in your coverage plan adds further protection for your establishment.
  • Workers compensation: Illinois law requires employers to carry workers compensation coverage to protect employees who are injured on the job. While the need to carry workers compensation insurance is clear, the best ways to purchase the coverage is not. Working with our experienced agents can help you manage the costs of workers compensation coverage.

Ready to Help You Craft the Right Policy for Your Establishment

When you’ve realized the dream of owning your own brewery or distillery, likely through hard work and perseverance, it is important to protect it. Our agents leverage years of experience and detailed knowledge of the insurance industry to help Illinois brewery and distillery owners create a customized, comprehensive and affordable insurance protection package.

For a free quote or to discuss your unique brewery or distillery insurance needs with one of our expert agents, call us at 708-532-7474 or email our Mokena agents today.