Tailored Illinois Business & Commercial Property Insurance Policies

From repair costs to replacement costs, business owner policies to customized package policies, our team at Hicks Insurance Group understands the various aspects and types of commercial insurance policies. We know which regional and national insurance carriers provide the best coverage based on business type and size, and we also know which carriers offer the best in customer service.

If you are considering purchasing a new business property policy, or if you are curious about other options available to you, reach out to us. We are here to create a custom-made policy that fits your business and budget.

The Basics of Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance policies typically vary from insurance company to insurance company. In general, however, here is what you can expect from a business property policy:

  • Property covered:
    Building structures, business inventory, equipment, accounts receivable, furniture, and often business income
  • Events covered:
    Fires; wind, hail and other acts of nature; theft and vandalism; burst pipes; and potentially other events

You can package your commercial property policy with other types of business insurance for more comprehensive coverage. Common packaged policies include flood insurance, builders risk and equipment breakdown.

What Business Property Insurance Do You Currently Have?

Can you answer that question quickly? If not, you are in need of an insurance policy review.

At Hicks Insurance, we take great pride in providing thorough reviews of our customers’ policies for them, free of charge. It is important to us to do this on an annual basis, at least, so we can make sure that we all know what you have, what you do not have, and what you need to have optimum coverage.

If you are not a current customer of ours, do not worry. We welcome your inquiries and will happily review the coverages that you have in place. We can even obtain free insurance quotes for your review, so you can see how your current coverage compares to other options in the marketplace.

Want Affordable, Customized Commercial Property Insurance? Call Us.

Our team of independent insurance agents is ready to stand by your side throughout the life of your business to make sure you have just the coverage you need at a rate that works for your business’s budget. Learn more by giving us a call today at 708-532-7474 or by emailing our Mokena-based office.