Customized General Liability Policies for Illinois-Based Businesses

Commercial liability insurance is one of the most basic forms of business insurance you will want in place. It protects you in the event of accidents or negligent actions that lead to another’s injury. This coverage can prove invaluable should you face a large claim, such as an auto accident claim, that results in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Business liability insurance is not a requirement under Illinois law. But if you choose not to carry it, are you certain your company can withstand a liability lawsuit? To be sure, we encourage you to call our team at Hicks Insurance Group. We can review your risks and provide you with recommendations for proper coverage.

The 5 Coverages Included in General Liability Insurance

  • Property damage: This insures you against damage you or your employees may cause to another’s property.
  • Bodily injury: This insures you in the event someone other than an employee sustains an injury on your property. It also covers you for injuries you or your employee cause to others during the course of business.
  • Personal injury: This protects you against reputation-related claims, including libel, slander, copyright infringement, and wrongful eviction.
  • Advertising injury: This provides coverage in the event that your advertising causes someone else harm.
  • Legal expenses: This pays for the legal fees you accrue while defending a liability claim, including attorney fees, court costs, and settlement and jury awards.

How Much General Liability Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

If you are a sole proprietor or small business, it is possible that the general liability portion of a business owners policy (BOP) is sufficient for your purposes. If you are a larger company, or if you have a higher-risk business in the manufacturing or construction industry, you will need to consider a customized general liability policy with higher limits–$2 million or more.

The best way to understand your coverage needs is to speak with an experienced, educated insurance agent who can match your business with the right company and policy. It is important to find one that you can trust to stay on top of your policy as time goes on, to avoid over-insurance or under-insurance situations, as well as making sure you are not paying more than you need to.

As Independents, We Stand Up to the Competition

We are not a national insurance company. What we are is a local independent agency with access to more than 15 top-rated insurance carriers in the nation, along with multiple A-rated regional carriers. This boils down to us being able to stand up against publicly-traded insurers for you by gaining access to carriers that are otherwise hard to get in with.

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