Experienced Insurance Advice for Illinois Restaurant & Bar Owners

Successfully owning and operating a restaurant or bar requires a great deal of sacrifice, both in terms of personal time and personal finances. When you have worked so hard to build a successful establishment, isn’t it important to take steps to protect it?

Hicks Insurance focuses on helping Illinois restaurant and bar owners protect the dreams they’ve worked so hard to achieve. As an independent agency, we work with 14 top-rated insurance companies to help owners compare and purchase the protection products that provide the maximum value, at the most affordable rates.

What Insurance Coverage Do I Need to Protect My Establishment?

Protecting your restaurant or bar against risk isn’t as simple as purchasing a single product off the shelf. Optimal insurance protection requires a customized package or multiple protection products, coverage options and limits.

Our agents help owners create customized insurance packages that provide maximum protection against legal and financial liabilities. We help you explore a wide range of available insurance products, including:

  • General liability: Restaurant and bar owners are exposed to a wide range of legal and financial risks each day. General liability insurance helps to mitigate the potential costs of exposures by providing coverage for specific events, including customer accidents, injuries or losses.
  • Liquor liability: If your establishment serves alcohol or beer, it may be necessary to add a liquor liability policy to your coverage plan. Liquor liability policies offer additional protection against losses relating to alcohol consumption by patrons.
  • Property coverage: Fire, floods or break-ins may result in thousands of dollars of damage to your building, your equipment, and business property. Carrying commercial property coverage helps to mitigate the out-of-pocket costs in the case of damage or a total loss.
  • Umbrella insurance: A truly comprehensive insurance package for your bar or restaurant should include an umbrella policy. Building on the coverage offered by other insurance products, umbrella policies offer additional protection against out-of-pocket expenses in the event a claim exceeds covered limits.
  • Workers compensation: Illinois law requires business owners with more than one employee to carry workers compensation insurance. Our agents help you understand state workers compensation laws and compare products that meet these requirements and your budget.

Address Your Establishment’s Insurance Needs With Confidence

At Hick’s Insurance, we know that you likely don’t have time to devote to gathering insurance quotes, researching your coverage needs or comparing available products. That’s why we handle the process for you—after an initial discussion regarding your establishment’s risks and your protection goal, we’ll do the research and quote gathering, then offer suggestions on the products that best fit your needs and your budget. This approach helps you save time, money and worry while ensuring the optimal protection of your bar or restaurant.

For a free, completely customized insurance quote for your Illinois restaurant or bar, call us at 708-532-7474 or email our insurance agency today.