Will Filing A Claim Make My Premium Increase Or Result In My Policy Being Canceled?
A single claim shouldn’t change your relationship with your insurance provider. Multiple claims, however, can become a cause for concern that could lead to an increase in your premiums or even cancellation of your coverage. Generally, your insurer will be more inclined to change your rates or coverage if the claim you file relates back to some negligence on your part. It is always best to contact your agent prior to actually filing a claim if possible.

What Happens If I Cause A Car Accident?

If you cause an accident, be prepared to pay your deductible. After you’ve done that, your insurance company should pay the remaining costs, including damages or medical expenses you caused to other parties involved.

What Happens After I File A Claim? Your steps after filing a claim are:

  • Your insurance company adjuster will reach out to you to gather detailed information about your claim.
  • The adjuster may come out to inspect your vehicle or property to evaluate the cost of damages.
  • You will work with your adjuster will get an estimate for the damages.
  • A check will be cut for that estimate.
  • If actual costs differ from the estimate, you and your insurance provider will address the difference. Generally, this means a supplemental check will be delivered to you.

How Do I File A Claim?
If possible it is in your best interest to contact your agent first to discuss options available based on your situation. If unable to connect go straight to your insurance carrier to file your claim. You can file your claim either online or over the phone.