Personalized Individual Health & Life Insurance Policies

The health care and life insurance industries can seem overwhelming. You know you need health coverage, and you know you should have some form of life insurance. But what is the right health insurance for your family? Which type of individual life policy will meet your family’s needs?

At Hicks Insurance Group, we take great care to provide each of our customers with the education they require to make informed decisions. We understand that it is easy to get lost in the health and life insurance maze. With our guidance, you will be able to weigh your options and make the smartest choices for your care.

Reviewing Policies to Ensure Appropriate Coverage

Premiums are often the first (and only) thing that customers will look at when reviewing life or health insurance quotes. But your premium is only one part of a larger puzzle.

Our team of independent insurance agents works hard to review individual and family policies from start to finish to identify what coverage is in place and what gaps may exist that have the potential to cause financial harm. It is our in-depth review process that makes our services stand out from other agents in the area. It is also this review that ensures we get the right coverage in place—often passing along cost savings at the same time.

Our Health & Life Insurance Services

We supply a host of health insurance and life insurance policies to individuals and families across Illinois. These policies include:

Curious to Know About Your Life & Health Insurance Options? Call Us!

Here at Hicks Insurance, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn about your life insurance and health insurance options. For this reason, we provide new customers with recommendations and quotes, for free and with no obligation to continue with us. What matters is that you understand your options and that you can make an informed coverage choice.

Learn more about our services. Call us today at 708-532-7474 or email our health and life insurance agents to schedule a time to discuss your coverage needs. From our offices in Mokena, we are able to serve customers throughout Illinois.