Pairing Illinois Residents With the Right Annuities

Our life expectancy is extending further than ever before. Additionally, the burden of planning for and supporting your retirement continues to shift mainly to your shoulders. With more years ahead of you, most of which you must support through your own means, it is important to consider your options for living the retirement life you have dreamed of.

One such option is the annuity. There are many types to choose from, which all vary in return and surrender periods. At Hicks Insurance, our independent insurance agents are knowledgeable about annuities. We can help you understand your options and clearly explain to you what you have and how much you will get back. Let us help you plan for a successful retirement.

Annuity Basics

An annuity is a contract that we can obtain for you through an insurance company.

There are two general types of annuities:

  • Immediate annuity: These allow you to receive payments immediately after making your initial annuity contribution. In short, this provides an immediate income to those who need it.
  • Deferred annuity: These require that you wait for a set period of time after you make your contribution before you can begin receiving payments.

You can work directly with your agent to choose the best combination of benefits and options to fit your needs and those of your family.

The Benefits of Annuities

Annuities provide a different avenue for individuals that are risk-averse but seeking interest or growth potential. Specifically, these individuals appreciate the following annuity benefits:

  • Annuities are not dependent on the stock market.
  • Annuities are a great option for investors looking for growth opportunities.
  • Annuities come with additional optional benefits, including death benefits and early withdrawal benefits.

Need Help Planning for a Brighter Retirement? Call Us.

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