5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Summer Staycation

Family Enjoying Movie Night At Home Together

Why leave when you can stay?

We all deserve a break from the hustle and bustle of work, school, and busy schedules. But we might not possess the means to get away on a lavish vacation. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan some pretty cool summer activities! Even better? These activities don’t take much money, time, or travel to set up, so let the summer planning begin!

Here’s our top tips to plan the perfect summer staycation:

1. Make your house into a movie theatre!

Adorn your kitchen counters with all the snacks you love to munch on your during favorite flicks. (Bonus points awarded for any home that still smells of buttery popcorn a few days post-marathon!)

2. Plan a day trip to a nearby town!

Pull out your phone and search towns in your zip code! Find a place you have never visited and take a mini-road trip to explore your unknown neighbor for the day. You never know, you might just find some hidden gems that no one else knows about yet! If you do, share the wealth! Make sure to tell your friends and family about your new favorite place!

3. Be a tourist in your own city!

There must be a local museum, restaurant, bar, nature trail, hidden antique mall, or cute boutique store you’ve always wanted to try, but never got around to going. Now is your chance! If you already live in a touristy area, grab your sunglasses and fanny pack to play the part at popular tourist spots in your city. Plus, you may uncover something totally new. The best part? You get to return home to your comfy bed after the day is done.

4. Stay in a hotel or Bed & Breakfast for a night or two!

Need an excuse to order room service? Well, go book a room at the fanciest hotel or quaintest little bed and breakfast to gain a fresh perspective on your hometown while enjoying a night in.

5. Make your backyard into a water park or mini beach!

If you have access to a water hose, kiddie pool, and some cheap plastic sheeting, you’ve got yourself a DIY water park. Grab some sandbags from the local hardware store to make a mini beach fit for the expert sandcastle architects in your family.

Who needs to go far from home to have the time of your life?

Your summertime fun can start right now in the comfort of your own home! To keep the endless fun going, make sure your home is fully protected and ready for all your summer stay-cation plans. For more information on home insurance policies, contact your friends at Hicks Insurance.