Customized Personal Insurance Policies for Illinois Families

Nothing is more important to our team at Hicks Insurance Group than making sure that our personal lines customers have the right coverage in place for their needs. What makes coverage “right” truly differs with each and every customer.

Getting the right coverage also requires working with the right insurance agent, because not all insurance agents are created equal. For instance, here at Hicks Insurance we emphasize tailoring policies at the outset and performing ongoing reviews of those policies so that your coverage always match your needs.

Common Gaps in Personal Insurance Policies

One of the biggest problems we find when welcoming new customers into our group is that they come to us with gaps in coverage that can cost them more than they could ever realize. Some of the biggest gaps we see include:

  • Lack of water backup coverage:
    Water backup is not an automatic inclusion in homeowners policies. If your sump pump fails you—whether it stops working altogether, doesn’t pump fast enough or your power goes out—you will not get reimbursement out of your policy to pay for damages.
  • Improper coverage amounts for your home:
    Are you insuring your home for what it is worth currently or what it costs to replace it in the event of a fire, tornado or other covered event? Do not be left high and dry with a policy that cannot pay out what you need to rebuild your family home.
  • Inadequate liability limits on your homeowners policy:
    Do you host house parties or dinner parties? Do you have a swing set, tree house or rock climbing wall on your property for your kids? All of these items put you at risk for paying for someone’s injury while they are on your property. You need to know that, should an accident happen, you have enough liability in place to protect your family’s assets.

Our Personal Insurance Services

We offer all manner of personal insurance products to suit your needs and to protect your family. Our services include:

Worried About Gaps? Considering Your Coverage Options? Call on Hicks!

Are you concerned that your personal insurance policies may not match your needs? Are you in the market for new insurance? Do you want to make sure you get the right coverage in place from the start? Reach out to our Illinois-based insurance agency today for tailored advice and recommendations.

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