Flood Insurance Policies for Illinois Homeowners

Is every home at risk of flooding?Your level of risk may vary, depending on various circumstances, such as elevation and predicted rainfalls. And the cost of premiums depends on your level of risk: high, moderate or low.

At Hicks Insurance Group, we pair homeowners and renters with the right level of flood insurance to match their level of flood risk. We also advise our customers on other forms of optional personal insurance policies that help protect against other water damage, including sewer backup.

Three Things to Know About Flood Insurance

  • The government controls flood insurance.
    FEMA runs the National Flood Insurance Program. It creates the flood hazard maps, sets rates and determines eligibility requirements.
  • There is a 30-day waiting period.
    You are ineligible for flooding benefits for 30 days after you purchase your flood policy. This means the best time to purchase your policy is right now.
  • One third of all disaster relief for flooding goes to low- and moderate-risk areas.
    Even though flood insurance in moderate to low-risk areas is not a requirement, it is a good idea. Homeowners and renters in these zones account for 20% of all flood claims and one-third of all flooding-related disaster assistance.

Annual Policy Reviews to Keep Coverage & Costs Current

At Hicks Insurance Group, we know all about flooding here in Illinois. We also know that your flood risk changes from year to year, even if you do not move. So we will proactively review your flood policy on an annual basis to ensure you are paying the right price for only the coverage you need—no more, no less.

This policy review is something we offer all of our personal insurance customers. If you want peace of mind knowing that you have the right types and amounts of insurance in place to protect you, your family, your home and your finances, turn to our team. We are here to partner with you throughout the lives of your policies.

Request a Free Flood Insurance Quote. Call Us Today.

Heavy rains, snowmelt, clogged drains, spring thaws and flash floods are just some of the many causes of flooding. Protect yourself from the financial costs associated with these and other risks by purchasing flood insurance.

Our team of independent agents can review your existing coverage, discuss your potential risks and then obtain a quote for coverage for you. We offer these services for free, with no attached obligation. We want to ensure you have the necessary information to make smart insurance choices.

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