Individualized Renters Insurance Policies in Illinois

Only 40 percent of renters currently carry renters insurance. The reason behind this low number is somewhat unclear, but it can likely be attributed to two things: renters believe coverage is too expensive and they do not know what renters insurance actually covers.

At Hicks Insurance Group, we take time to educate our renters insurance customers on what coverage they need and why they need it. We explain what each policy covers—and what it doesn’t—along with explaining the pros and cons between seeking insurance based on rates versus seeking insurance based on coverage.

In short, we arm our customers with the knowledge they need to make smart insurance decisions. And we stick by our customers throughout the life of their policies, providing thorough annual reviews and optimizing coverage for greatest protection at affordable rates.

The Typical Renters Insurance Policy

Whether you rent an apartment, condo, house or basement, a renters insurance policy will generally provide coverage for:

  • Your personal property, whether that property is in your home, your car, a storage unit or anywhere else in the world
  • Property damage you cause to someone else’s property
  • Your personal liability in the event that someone sues you after suffering an injury in your home or due to your actions
  • Medical payments for others who are hurt while at your home
  • Loss-of-use expenses in the event that a covered event eliminates your ability to live in your home

It is possible to expand on this coverage through optional coverage such as umbrella insurance, valuable property coverage and flood insurance. Talk to our experienced independent insurance agents to learn more.

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