Dedicated Insurance Guidance for Parents & Young Drivers

As a parent, the day your child receives their driver’s license can be both a bittersweet experience. The joy and pride you feel watching your child grow into a responsible young adult can quickly be tempered by the fear you experience when picturing them behind the wheel of the family car. The emotional rollercoaster often continues for many parents during the search for insurance for their young drivers.

As an independent Illinois insurance Agency, Hicks Insurance works with 14 of the top-rated providers to help parents and young drivers compare and purchase automobile insurance. Our knowledge of the insurance industry and experience working with young drivers allows us to help clients purchase the best possible coverage at the most affordable rates.

Helping Parents Overcome Sticker Shock

One of the most common observations we hear from parents relates to the surprisingly high costs of insurance for their young drivers. While it is true that premiums for young drivers are likely to be higher, due mainly to their increased risk of accidents, there are ways to limit the costs of coverage.

Our experienced agents help Illinois parents and young drivers explore all available cost-saving strategies, including:

  • Selecting the right policy: Auto coverage options range greatly from policy to policy and insurer to insurer. Selecting a policy that meets Illinois’ state requirements and your protection goals, without adding unnecessary coverage options, can help save you money on premiums.
  • Choosing the right deductible: Parents who are comfortable with a higher deductible, or out-of-pocket payment after an accident, may be able to cut premiums. The larger the deductible, the lower the premiums. It is important to select a deductible you are comfortable with being able to afford in the event of an accident, however.
  • Timing the purchase: Depending upon your coverage and insurer, your current auto insurance may cover your child as they gain experience behind the wheel on a learner’s permit. This means that you may be able to delay adding the teen driver to your policy until after they officially obtain their license. Some insurers do require parents to add teen drivers to a policy once they receive their learners’ permit, however, making it important to understand your insurer’s requirements.
  • Bundling policies: Many insurance providers offer discounts for customers who bundle multiple policies or add multiple drivers to one policy. Purchasing your home and auto insurance from a single provider can help cut premium costs.

We also assist parents and their young drivers by identifying the policies that offer the greatest discounts, including:

  • Safe vehicle discounts: Many parents don’t realize that the type of vehicle their child drives plays a role in the costs of coverage. Flashy sports cars will always be more expensive to insure than a modest sedan or SUV. Remembering this when purchasing a vehicle can help reduce insurance costs.
  • Good student savings: Insurance providers often provide discounts to young drivers who do well in school, as those students tend to be statistically more responsible drivers. If your young driver meets the good student discount requirements, you may be able to save money on coverage.
  • Driver’s education courses: Some insurance providers offer discounts to young drivers who complete safe driver courses. Each provider offers different discounts and maintains different requirements for qualifying courses, so it is important to compare policies and providers.

Begin Comparing Multiple Young Driver Insurance Quotes Today

It is often necessary to compare many policies and rate quotes before finding the one that best fits your situation and budget. To make the task easier, our agents manage the process of gathering and comparing quotes on your behalf.

To discuss your teen driver insurance concerns, or to request a free quote, call us at 708-532-7474 or email our auto insurance agents today.