Get Your Home Ready For Spring With These Cleaning Tips

Tips to clean your home for springtime!

Spring is in the air! As you get ready for the change in season, be sure to pay attention to your home. It’s the perfect time for spring cleaning. Be sure to check out these cleaning tips to get your home squeaky clean in no time.

Window Washing

Spring brings warmer weather and more sunlight. Take advantage of the sunlight and let it stream in through clean windows. Be sure to clean all your windows both inside and out.

Sliding Door Tracks

Dirt and dust often get stuck in the tracks of your sliding doors. Whether it’s your patio door or closet door, make sure to clean out all the dirt so that they run smoothly. Use an old toothbrush to get all the grime out of the tracks.

Shampoo Carpets & Rugs

You should deep clean your carpets at least once annually. Dirt and dust get stuck in the fibers, and although vacuuming is great for a quick clean up, a deep clean is needed to be thoroughly clean.

Get All the Nooks & Crannies

When cleaning, be sure to get the places that you ordinarily look over. Be sure to wash the baseboards and vacuum under the couch.

Flip Your Mattress

To maximize the life of your mattress, be sure to flip it annually. While you’re at it, be sure to thoroughly clean your bedding, from sheets to shams to pillows.

Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

 There’s likely to be some expired creams and medications in there. The start of the new season is the perfect time to de-clutter and get rid of what you don’t need.

Get Organized

Fear your mountain of paperwork no more. Make it a point to go through and thin the heard.

Check Up On Your Safety Features

Make sure your smoke detectors have fresh batteries and that your fire extinguishers have not yet expired.

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