Make Your Tax Prep A Breeze With These Tips

Check out these tax prep tips to help you get through tax season!

When it comes to tax season, your procrastination skills seem to be at their finest.  But, as tax day gets closer, it’s time to get your taxes ready. Make the preparation pain-free with these tips to prepare your taxes.

The Earlier, The Better.

Sure, it’s not quite as early as you had hoped, but it’s still better to get your taxes ready sooner than later. That way you have plenty of time to gather any information that might be missing. Additionally, filing earlier can help you protect against identity theft. If you’ve already filed, a fraudulent claim can’t be filed in your name.

Make A Checklist.

Be sure to make a checklist so that you know what you’re looking for when assembling your tax return. Also, be sure to file all your documents in the same place. That way you know exactly where they are so that you’re not running around with elevated stress levels to find all your paperwork.

Go Through Your Receipts.

You never know what all your receipts may be hiding. Business expenses and charitable donations add up over the course of a year. Should you have enough expenses you could be looking at a nice tax deduction for 2015.

Check Your Work.

Mistakes can be made. Once you’ve assembled your tax return, be sure to look it over a few times. That way you can catch any errors before you send it off to good ole’ Uncle Sam.

Be sure to get your taxes prepared by April 15. As you get your taxes in order, be sure to get your insurance in order. Be sure to contact the professionals at the Hicks Insurance Group to help you find the right policy. Located in Mokena, Illinois, we serve all your personal and commercial insurance needs.