5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

Children in Halloween costumes, trick or treating

1. Plan Your Route in Advance

Preparing your family for a “spooktacular” night will ensure a fun and worry-free evening for everyone! That’s why we suggest devising a plan that fits your own personal safety requirements.

Your kids might take note of any rumors they hear around school about where to score the most candy. For example, “That house gives out king sized chocolate bars, but this one lets you take as much candy as you want!” However, more than likely you’ll be planning the perfect route for your kids and there’s a lot more to consider than getting the most candy possible.

Make sure you’re trick-or-treating in a familiar neighborhood that is well-lit with sidewalks. Think about how far you want to walk and if you want to stay out past dark. You’ll also have to make safety decisions on the fly while trekking from house to house, but having a plan heading into the night will make things much easier. Extra Tip: Stay away from houses with the porch light off. This is not only a safety precaution, but this simple act indicates that house is not giving out candy.

2. Stick Together

This is a simple tip but it’s important to keep in the front of your mind: never break up your trick-or-treating group for any reason!

Communicate where you’re going with everyone and always keep an eye on your group. Keep everyone away from the middle of the street and stay on sidewalks, always crossing streets together. There’s no such thing as being “too safe” on this holiday, so make sure everyone is on the same page.

3. Keep the Candy Under Control

Your kids should be proud of whatever bounty they bring back from their candy prowl, but take a pause before letting them indulge however they want. Although finding tampered candy in your kid’s stash is rare, take the time to go through every piece anyway. While you’re there, look out for any substantially unhealthy treats and throw out anything homemade or without packaging.

After everything is deemed safe, try to limit how much of the candy you give your child. And if you think there’s just too much candy, the easiest way to help with that is to eat some yourself! We know, it’s a hard job, but we all have to make sacrifices for the sake of our children. 😊

4. Dress for Safety

One of the all-time best last-minute costumes has to be the toilet paper mummy. You get a few rolls of toilet paper, start at the feet, and wrap it all the way up to the head. So easy, yet so scary.

Although this may have been a favorite costume in years past and it should go without saying, but toilet paper isn’t really the safest and most flame-resistant thing to be covered in during Halloween. We suggest ditching the toilet paper and using nonflammable fabrics instead.

Buy flame-resistant costumes and wigs and keep an eye out for other toxic materials in makeup and accessories. If a costume absolutely requires wearing a mask, make sure the mask is tightly fitted as to not block any vision. And if you’re planning on staying out past dark, make sure to bring reflective gear with you to keep everyone visible.

5. Be Alert on the Road

If you’re driving somewhere this Halloween, use extra caution. There are more children out on the street than any other day of the year, and there’s also a good chance of there being an influx of drunk drivers. Be slow and alert; do not get distracted from the road. If everyone took a little more time on the road, we could help to ensure a safe Halloween for everyone!

The scariest part of Halloween is that so many risks become apparent and amplified. But don’t fear; the professionals at Hicks Insurance are dedicated to protecting you during any time of the year. Contact us and get a quote to chase the risk monsters away!