9 Ways to Prepare Your Home Before Vacation

Couple With Luggage Leaving Home For Vacation

Getting your family ready for vacation is stressful!

That’s why we’ve compiled our top 9 way to prepare your home before vacation! From things everyone knows, to small tasks you may not even think about, we’re here to make sure both you and your home are ready to go before you hit the road!

1. Set thermostat & turn off the schedule

It’s easy to use the classic set it and forget it model with the “schedule” feature on our thermostats. Although it’s nice to have the ease of a machine to adjust the temperature for us during the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we recommend setting the thermostat to one temperature for when you’re out of the house on vacation. Not sure what temperature to set it? We recommend setting your temperature between 55-60 degrees in the winter (to prevent pipes from freezing) and 85-90 (or turn it completely off) in the summer.

2. Put a few lamps on timers

Why set timers on lamps if you’re not going to be around to use them? Simple, to make it look like you’re home! Although it seems counterproductive, it’s recommended for safety purposes. We also recommend putting timers on lamps that are close to windows so the light can be seen from the road!

3. Clean out the fridge

It might seem like an unnecessary task to accomplish before you leave, but we suggest you re-think that! Picture coming home feeling relaxed and refreshed from your recent vacation, just to open your fridge to find spoiled and moldy food waiting to be disposed of. We bet it doesn’t seem so unnecessary now!

4. Take out the garbage

After you clean out the fridge don’t forget to get take out the trash! There’s nothing worse than coming back from vacation and having your house reek of week-old Chinese takeout. That’s why we recommend dumping your garbage before leaving for vacation. Bonus points for having a friend or neighbor come by to take your trash to the curb on garbage day while you’re away!

5. Unplug small appliances and lamps not in use

Although you might not use your toaster or coffee pot the day you leave for vacation, you should unplug them before you hit the road! Not only will it save you time from thinking “did I unplug that?” but it could also save you a little money on your next electricity bill in the process, which never hurts! We recommend taking that left-over money to start saving for your next vacation! Because it’s never too early to start thinking about your next trip, right? 😊

6. Ask a neighbor or friend to pick up mail/packages

Just because you go on vacation doesn’t mean your mail will stop getting delivered. That’s why we suggest asking a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail a few times while you’re away! This will prevent the mail carrier from stuffing your mailbox full or even worse, having so much mail that you must pick it up from the post office after arriving back home. (We also recommend getting your gracious mail receiver a gift card for coffee or baking them cookies as a ‘thank you’!)

7. Make sure bags/food in pantry are sealed

We’re pretty sure you don’t want little critters moving into your house and digging into your food while you’re away (yuck!). That’s why we suggest double and maybe even triple checking your chips, cereal, and snacks to ensure they are sealed and tucked away where no furry critter can get to them!

8. Ensure all windows are closed and locked

We love a nice breeze as much as the next person, but can you imagine coming back to a home filled with water from a thunderstorm? We can’t either, that’s why we recommend checking all windows before you leave your house. Don’t forget about basements and rooms you don’t use often, because you never know who may have opened a window and forgot to close or lock it after use!

9. Move/remove spare keys

Although it might be convenient for you and your kids to keep the spare key under the mat, we recommend moving it or removing it all together while you’re gone on vacation. This will not only ensure your house stays safe and secured while you’re away, but it will also prevent unwanted visitors from dropping in, like your nosy family members or your kid’s friends who might know where the key is hidden.

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